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Abstrak Mind (A.M.) is a Hip Hop/Rap artist from Chicago, IL. Although he came from a tragic past of drug addict parents, a broken home and several levels of abuse, A.M. purposed not to become a product of his life circumstance. Challenging the commonly expected outcome for a person with his background, he redefined his struggle and made it into something positive and creative. Through his music, A.M. personifies struggle, pain, triumph, peace and unity, hoping to leave a legacy of inspiration for all listening ears.


A.M. is currently writing [Abstrak Mind: Redefined], a book that will give the reader an in-depth look into the creative process for his latest studio album "Still Painting." Each chapter will reveal the intended purpose behind each song, in addition to commentary on specific society and personal events that inspired the lyrics, collaborations and production. [Abstrak Mind: Redefined], to be released in 2015, will serve as a "behind the scenes" look into what makes A.M. Abstrak Mind.


In collaboration with [Ashley Battle of A Built Dream Productions], A.M. will be releasing a short film based on his lead single "PSA" from the "Still Painting" project in fall 2014. PSA is a song that A.M. wrote to shed light on the lack of compassion and love in today's society. The short film will [Tell the story of a young kid from the inner city that has much promise in life but because of his surroundings has to make tuff decisions to survive while trying to stay on tract in life].


In addition to promoting positivity through his music, A.M. is always actively seeking ways to give back to his community and to raise funds and awareness for several different charities.  Over the years, A.M. has used his concerts as opportunities to raise money and awareness for [Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and Autism. A.M. has friends, family and fans that suffer from these different diseases and felt that he could utilize his gift as a way to make more people aware and possibly join him in fighting for a cure and gaining more knowledge on how these different diseases effect people and society.


Music wasn't always the first choice for A.M., who originally thought he would become a professional basketball player. Unexpectedly, the gift of music artistry came at a crucial moment in his life. At a time faced with depression, a life-long battle with abandonment, failure and suicide, music became a safe haven. Like other artists before him that helped inspire and provide a therapeutic remedy for life at his darkest moments, A.M. takes all his experienc

es, good and bad, and tries to provide a similar outlet for those in need.


While music serves an irreplaceable purpose in his life, A.M. recognizes that it is just a platform for something far more impactful. He utilizes his gift to create beautiful music to open doors to be the voice of change in society. The end goal is to unify all people and to always give back for the greater good of human life. He truly believes that music is the universal language with which we all can identify. By using this precious tool of music, A.M. plans to do something magnificent and ground-breaking for the world.

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